Saturday, May 28, 2011

update on the Studio

ok so a while ago i promised a picture of my portable studio, well it worked so well the first time I was asked to work another party last night. This time the kids were a few years younger and were alot more into the idea of taking fun pictures together. So here are some of my favorite pics from the last 2 parties,
Enjoy :)

Monday, May 9, 2011

Portable studio

Ok so im in creative mode right now, one of my crazy ideas includes building my own portable studio. Now im not talking about a studio for merchandise, rather, for people :). Now im super excited about this because while i was in my dorm room last year i was using the structures already in place, as well as hair clips and ducktape. Now there is nothing wrong with those things, they let me have my foundation that i have now. However now i do not have those things so im building a new one. This one is going to be nearly 7 ft tall and 6 ft wide and made out of pvc piping. the reason im doing this now is because im taking pictures for a party saturday and i would really like to have this done by then so i can try it out. so here is what my old setup was....
i will DEFINITELY upload a picture of my creation and hopefully some pics from it.
im seriously looking forward to this :D