Tuesday, June 1, 2010

So today is the eve of my first full day of work. Its a shocker to me because i thought i had one more week to relax and get ready. Im still doing to the summer school job, however not as a photographer, with budget cuts i can no longer make a yearbook for them due to the costs, so i was hired as a kindergarden i thought. i got a phone call this morning saying that i needed to show up at my designated school to get our class rooms together, there i found out i will have 3rd through 8th graders, 25+ by myself for 6 so nervous!! in my second interview i had told the lead guy that i did not want the older kids, but of course thats what i got. Tomorrow will have a story to tell im sure. the picture! this is from yesterday, it was the anual memorial day run, so therefore i see this pic as appropriate. So tell me what you think, ill be posting on Deviant Art as well.
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