Wednesday, April 20, 2011

My Camera

ok so since im kinda in a blogging mood i thought i would let you guys out there see the camera that i use to take all of my photos. Its not really anything extremely fancy however it is more than a basic point and shoot.
ok so there it is, it is a Sony Cybershot HX1, ive had it for about a year now and i love it, the display is swivel capable and it also include the Panoramic sweep function. Lots of trial and error has done me well and im not done yet. :)

Life as we know it

So alot has happened since i was last on here, I believe the last time i wrote i had just gotten back from a wonderful vacation in California with my family. Its always been hard being away from my family, especially when i go back and see just how close they are, and just how close they are with out me. Most of the time i can keep it together while I'm there but when loneliness hits from missing my beloved boyfriend, i crack. He has heard me talk about how i have cousins that didn't know my name or my face until they were 6 years old and how the day we get married no one will come. My hopes and dreams for my future family is that we can be as close as my family in California. I want my kids to know the people that i call family and let them know that even if you aren't with your family at all times it doesn't mean they don't love you and think about you just as much as you do them. At work there is a family of two sisters whose kids are very close in age and attend the same school, every once in a while one of the sister will pick up the other ones kids out of convenience and love for the kids. i want to be like them, even though my brother my not be picking up my future kids anytime soon its still a hope that i wish to keep alive in my heart.