Wednesday, February 2, 2011

UPDATE long overdue

so the past year of my life has been sooo hectic, but its also been good in many ways.
Sadly because i am out of a dorm i dont get to do photography as often as i would hope. however that doesnt mean that i havent had some good times. I kept my job from the summer and now work at a brand new school that is gorgeous inside and out. My kids are great, all 10 of them :) im pretty sure im going to keep elementary education as my career path, being a teacher is just like being a role model, you get instant gratification when you help them do something like use the monkey bars or swing on their own. Of course i have my bad kids, and they are all loud and energetic but what 6 year old isnt. well i have had sometime to do a little picture taking and i wanted to share some of those images with they are the raw images (my brother hasnt loaded photoshop since i last wiped my computer) but i think you can appreciate them just the same. so enjoy :)