Monday, May 24, 2010


Summer has begun!!
i love summer, but the pressures of finding a job in time is something i dread every year. This year was worse than ever as i was woken up the first day of my summer at 630 am, and everyday since I've applied for about 25 jobs in only 1 1/2 weeks, only 1 job has called back. I was referred to this one job by my dad and an old coworker, if i get the job...of which i think i got it...i will be creating a yearbook/scrapbook for a Huntsville City School Summer program. I am very excited that i get to go back to what i started my photography with. Kids are not my strength, however, i will be photographer most of the time. The job wont start until June 7 which is 2 weeks to far away. A plus is that its full time weekdays only all the way through July 30th with work afterwards to finish the book. Hopefully my position will be declared within the next few days and i will be guaranteed this job with 2 weeks of summer until then.
With summer here i shall try to update more trying to find ways to practice my photography more often while im here so look out for that on Deiviant Art, and here of course.
Bye for now :D
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Saturday, May 8, 2010

Summer is almost here!

So, Friday marked the first day of finals, my first year in college is only going to lat 3 more days, its so hard to believe. Times have been rough, troubles at home and at school keep me on my toes and constantly re-evaluating who i trust. This also marked the first year that i have had more girl friends than guys in a very long time. I'm so used to the layed back, sometimes oddly perverted, ways of guys. They are so much easier to deal with..when something goes wrong either you beat it out, talk to them or blink 10 times and the issue is gone. Girls are so much more complicated! if something goes wrong you have to sensor what you want to say otherwise it might turn for the worse. Time apart from each other lasts so much longer than a guy. But i just have to realize why I've chosen not to be friends with manly guys, Dante. He is my one guy, my best friend, and the love of my life. Having all these girl friends make me appreciate even more everyday that he is a guy and is moderately carefree when it comes to complications outside of our relationship.
So this brings me to my wonderful first day of final :D After my exam i went with a friend to the lake. It was my first time at a lake and i was sooooo excited. Where we went was absolutly beautiful! the sun was out, wind was going and the water wasnt to bad either. so after lathering up with sunscreen and whiping out my target brand Cheese-its i soaked up the warm rays and just relaxed. After a while i couldnt resist taking the camera out to caputure the here it is. my day, Cheese-its + Sunscreen+ amazingly beautiful lake= wonderfully relaxed and happy jasmine :).
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Enjoy summer! and dont forget your sunscreen!!!
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