Tuesday, July 13, 2010

A little inspiration

so im really trying to keep up with this, ive been suuuper stressed with my fall semester college plans, ( too long of a story to elaborate), however i do have 2 opportunities to get some pictures taken, which im excited about! The fourth of july was a great chance for me to try firework photography, which is like way hard! I did get lucky with a few decent shots but i want to get like a gagillion times better.
I believe ive given links to my different websites that you can reach me on, so i want to ask for each one of you out there to help me out, and give me a little inspiration or advice. Send me an image that you would like to see done in my own way, or a cool style that you are really interested in. Photography to me is not just about personal satisfaction, it is about inspiring peers, and letting them experience scenes that can not otherwise be expressed. I want to grow sooo much in this field, and cant do it without your help :).
So with that said, here is my email again :
Thanks so much!!!
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