Thursday, August 12, 2010

Katelyn and Melanie shoot

Sooo, this is my newest shoot, it was lots of fun, however it was SUPER hot and humid!! The location is in my college town and its this park that i had wanted to visit. It turned out to have some potential as a backdrop so we got to working. these 2 girls are sp great to work with! They are the 2 girls that i really became friends with when i was at school and i spent countless hours with them. I hope you enjoy the pictures here, to see the full shoot visit my facebook :) dont hesitate to "like" the page so that you can get updates on any of my shoots to come!/pages/Photography-by-Jasmine-V/124773377538222
Jasmine :)

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Thursday, August 5, 2010

Im on a boat?

ok, so i apoligize for the slightly cheese title, but really i was on a boat. Summer has been great, work has consumed my life, but luckily i have a week off to enjoy, of course its half over but ive enjoyed ever bit of it. Tomorrow i havve a shoot with some friends from school that i wont be seeing for a while, ugh long story, possibly a different post. but anyways its going to be lots of fun. These 2 girls have a small cake business out of their apartment, so im going to act almost as advertisement, which is great. I also have 2 more clients to look forward to in the later months, and hopefully more to come. I am also in the process of looking for models to grow my portfolio, which i am excited about!
I apoligize for not posting on time as i said, however im just working with what i have so bear with me :).
i will update about the shoot!

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